Dear Anger

How you enter as an atom
tiptoeing into some lame obscure corner
and grow in multitude in no imaginable time
taking full reign of my charged mindscape.
How I love you so fiercely
holding you behind a thin veil of civility
as you secretly lurk in the shadows
waiting to make that sharp startling sting.

How I take a fine irresistible bow
before your charming giant hood
and you let the venom run hideously
all the way up to my oddly twisted heart.
How I see it as an elixir
a cure to my worldly vices
while you deftly bring out the claws in me
sharp enough to make a deep everlasting cut.

How I attract everything in your magnetic field
and repel love and kindness
letting my fears feed you immensely
every ounce of my sleep and hunger.
How do I let you go forever
not letting you squirm through the backdoor
overthrowing my life in the darkness
before I dead-rise to the next waking dawn.

How barren I stand before The Speaking Tree
solemnly praying for a cure
to free me from your vengeful twine
and return the elixir of my soul.
How astonished I am learning the holy gospel
from the roots of a tree lasting four seasons
shedding its last clement leaf holding no pique
and spring to life in a fair bounteous season.

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