Spammed by fear?

It lands with a compelling voice, neatly wrapped inside a layer of caution. You don’t really need that kind of unsolicited advise. Yet you let the seed of doubt germinate inside your mind-scape. You don’t know what you don’t know. Your heart coaxes you further. So you let fear in. Once. But would it stop there? Hell, no! Fear, my dear, has no mercy. It will strike again. Twice. Thrice. Soon you will find pieces of your brain scattered all over the ground. How long would you let yourself be a captive? Take charge. Believe! You are a lot more than you possibly know. You don’t need an imposter feeding you lies. Trust that feeble voice trying to tell you that you are enough to take on the world. That faint voice can only get louder when you choose to shut out all the white noise. So, clear the trash. Reboot your system. Let your brain realign to your reality. You know. You can. Don’t let fear spam you, again.

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