Something fishy!

Her father looked at her, helplessly. She was choking on a fish thorn that had accidentally landed into her throat along with some tender chunks of freshly cooked mackerel. She continued to bark and wheeze and gasp for breath, struggling to spit-out the sharp bullet like thing etched in her tiny throat. Her luminous golden skin had turned crimson with panic and pain. Her mother, adorning greater courage, began to push tiny balls of boiled rice into her narrow mouth. The little girl could barely gulp the sticky substance gagging her mouth. The enemy in her throat had barricaded the entire passage. When nothing seemed to work her mother hit the girl hard on her back, jostling her head into her plate. And, there it fell, trapped in a lump of rice and puke, a minuscule version of death. Years later, fish was still her most favourite food. Some things were worth dying for! 😉

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