Home again!

Journeys are fascinating. Always. Even when they are accompanied by a faint shadow of doubt or fear, they undoubtedly present a million possibilities. Perhaps, a new adventure or a new place, new people or a new sport, a new cuisine or new music, a new bed or new sky, or simply a new pair of eyes. A journey brings hope of an untouched experience. Every journey has its own tune and taste and fragrance and colour. Some journeys may take light-years; while others, only a hundred-foot. The best part of a journey will always be, you taking along just what you need. No matter how unnerving it might seem at the outset, you always find something exotic once you set your foot. You travel light-footed, with a curious mind and a wanderlust heart, gathering warm blood for your icy veins. And before you realise, the winds have ruffled the cobwebs of your mind already. When you return, you know, you are home again; blessed with a new heart!

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