Lucid Stories is a page to express tales of human soul and its longings- soul that is eternally in search of something elusive, depicting an innate struggle of the human spirit in its search for freedom, love, permanence, power, success and faith.

Behind the Scenes

Hello People! My name is Nisha Shenoy and this is me in monochrome. As much as I love the vibrant hues, my soul has a particular affinity towards the night, and the shades that come closest to it. I wonder if my mother had some premonition and hence named me Nisha or the name simply rubbed off on me. Her inspiration came from Rakhee Gulzar in Doosra Aadmi – the last movie she watched in her pregnancy. Quite a modern name – she believed – for the late seventies, for a daughter born in a traditional Konkan home nestled in a small village not too far from the Arabian Sea. It was a land that dwelled on the tales of ancient wisdom, rich in its traditions and super-natural beliefs etching a lasting impression on me as a child. Even when we moved to different places for education or work, a part me was still lingering in the alleys of the old, rusty village I had spent the first six years of my life. I didn’t realise until much later in my life that a part of me always wanted to tell stories, a trait I must have inherited from my paternal grandfather who told me numerous stories of our lineage.

So, here I am, making an attempt to keep the storyteller in me, alive!

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