Back to work

Getting back to work has been the most crucial item on my agenda for a while now. This isn’t the #returntowork post pandemic situation Im talking about. A long sabbatical to pause, reflect, try new things, set priorities and make right choices has finally come to an end with the year 2020. Soft flakes of hope made a smooth landing on my Christmas tree this year. There was a fire strong enough to light my heart and my hearth. If there’s one thing I’d missed terribly over the last few months, it’s WORK. Yessss! Call me crazy, but I have come to realise that it’s almost impossible to wipe ambition out of my gut. The years of striving for excellence is so deep rooted that even in my sleep, the only thing I could picture was – my fingers moving restlessly on a keyboard. And sometimes, one has to give up everything they’ve got, to know what their true calling is. And I’m glad I’ve rediscovered mine. Tomorrow, I return to work. But strangely, it feels like I’m returning home.

backtowork #worklife #lovemywork #lucidstoriesin

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